Colt charity bike ride 2019: Munich to Vienna

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Everybody needs to have a chance to do sports. The Friendship Sports Centre in Amsterdam facilitates the ability to experience different sports for physically and/or mentally challenged kids. I will be cycling for this charity, joining a total group of around 120+ cyclist of our company Colt Technology and partner members from Munich to Vienna in 4 days (20-23 sept).

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19-09-2019 | 18:29
18-09-2019 | 19:18 Mooie actie Marc, zet ‘m op!
18-09-2019 | 06:11
16-09-2019 | 09:53 Hoi Marc, natuurlijk ondersteun ik je van harte voor dit goede doel! Zet ‘m op💪 Gr, Alexander
15-09-2019 | 15:30 Go Marc, Go!