Colt Charity Bike Ride 2019

Michiel IJntema
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Everybody needs to have a chance to do sports. The Friendship Sports Centre in Amsterdam facilitates the ability to experience different sports for physically and/or mentally challenged kids. I will be cycling for this charity, joining a total group of around 120+ cyclist of our company Colt Technology and partner members from Munich to Vienna in 4 days (20-23 sept)


The Friendship Sports Centre

The Friendship Sports Centre (FSC) is an Amsterdam-based charity that supports children and young adults who have a physical, mental health disability or chronic illness. FSC provides support and rehabilitation to improve the lives of these children and adults by giving the opportunity to take part in activities that aren’t readily available to them. It is the only sports centre in the world that is especially equipped for this focus group.

The Colt Charity Bike Ride

The goal of the Colt charity bike ride is simple: raise as much money for charity as possible by creating a challenging event that encourages team collaboration. The 8th annual Colt charity bike ride will take us to Germany and Austria this year, over a four day course across approx. 600 kilometres & 4000 height meters. The bike ride will begin on Friday 20st September In Munich and will take us via Saltzburg, Linz and Sankt Pölten to Vienna by the following Monday. Some 130 cyclists will take part in this joyous adventure and it is a unique opportunity to merge love of physical activity, team building and a charitable commitment.

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15-09-2019 | 11:14 Ik heb gedoneerd omdat ik het een prachtig gebaar vind van Michiel. Hij gaat zichzelf helemaal het snot voor zijn eigen ogen trappen om andere, minder bedeelde mensen, van een beter en gelukkiger leven te voorzien. Nogmaals, prachtig! Ga zo door Michiel, waren er maar meer zoals jou op deze ooh zoo mooie wereld, geweldig! Graag blijf ik op de hoogte van jou avonturen op de fiets! Voor nu wens ik je heel veel succes, geluk en energie toe. Toi toi toi jongen!
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04-09-2019 | 16:19
03-09-2019 | 14:51 Keep up with Group 1 Michiel or else!!!!
27-08-2019 | 09:50