Colt Charity Bike Ride 2020

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The goal of the Colt Charity Challenge is simple: raise as much money as possible for charity by creating an event that encourages movement in any form.

Join us as we travel 100,000 kilometres across the Colt Network from Wednesday 9 September to Tuesday 22 September to raise €150,000 globally.

Run, swim, cycle, jog, yoga, walk, golf, dance, shop or use any other form of movement to clock up the kilometres and raise heaps of funds.

Everyone is welcome to help out!

How to sign up:


Every kilometer and every euro counts so join us!

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25-09-2020 | 16:41 I won some awesome prizes at auction- dinner with the CFO of Colt and also a luxury ladies hamper basket so this is my contribution to our charity. Maria Rigou:)
25-09-2020 | 11:05 Great initiative Team Colt for a great cause. Happy to contribute! Ronald, Equinix
24-09-2020 | 17:03 The somewhat odd amount first of all is related to me winning one of the precious Colt auction items - the sweets hamper :-). and with regard to motivation to donate - there's only a 'why wouldn't you' reason.. GJ
22-09-2020 | 21:05 Supporter of Ulrika Vergnes
13-09-2020 | 08:01